Raynaud's Awareness Month February 2020

We need you to help increase awareness and understanding of Raynaud's. To help get everyone to #KnowRaynauds here's a poster you can put up in your medical centre or GP surgery.

What is Raynaud's?

Raynaud's affects millions of us yet we often remain undiagnosed or left to deal with the impact alone.

Find out more about Raynaud's, the symptoms, treatments and ways to manage the condition and live your life.

Get your friends, family or co-workers to unite for Raynaud's by organising a coffee morning. Cosy up with some cake and a coffee, and raise money to improve early diagnosis.

Share your Story #FirstFlare

Share your first symptom of Raynaud's on Twitter using #FirstFlare and @WeAreSRUK or tell us via this form about your Raynaud's and managing at home, treatments, or Raynaud's and work.

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