Join Our Campaign to Raise Awareness of Scleroderma

Join our Scleroderma Awareness Month campaign by sharing our new animation, putting up a poster in your local GP or community centre, or fundraising to help.

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Come to Our First Conference in Cambridge

Register today for our first Regional Conference in Cambridge on July 27th in the beautiful grounds of historic St John's College. Free for SRUK Members.

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Watch Our Brand New Scleroderma Animation

Watch and share our Scleroderma Awareness Month animation so that more people get to #KnowScleroderma.

If you want to learn more about the condition, click the button below to head to our YouTube channel for all our SAM videos in one giant playlist. Subscribe whilst you're there, as we'll be releasing new ones all month.

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Support #KnowScleroderma and fundraise.

We're asking that this summer when you organise a picnic with family, friends and colleagues that you do it to help take a step towards a cure for Scleroderma & Raynaud's.

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