Early Detection of Scleroderma and Raynaud's: Pipe Dream or Achievable Goal?

Read how the research we fund works for the people who actually live with the condition day in and day out.

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Chloe talks about the first symptoms she experienced with scleroderma, how it has affected her skin and what she has to do to look after her skin.


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Make sure you get stocked up with our silver fibre gloves, a specialist product for Raynaud's and people with cold hands and freezing fingers, ready for next autumn and winter.


Preventative drug survey

We're carrying out some research into preventative drug treatments for secondary Raynaud's. Help us by giving us your thoughts with this quick survey.

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New report on impact of rare autoimmune rheumatic diseases

RAIRDA has published a report looking at the shared experiences of people living with rare autoimmune rheumatic diseases, the impact of these conditions, and their unmet needs in accessing timely and effective healthcare.

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