Annual conference 2017

Our annual conference brings the Scleroderma and Raynaud's community together to receive the latest information from top specialists on medical and research advancements. We're now taking bookings for 16th September.


We Need Earlier Diagnosis

Our recent survey showed a quarter of people with symptoms of scleroderma had to wait more than two years to receive a diagnosis with 6% waiting over 10 years. We're calling on the government to take action.

Petition for earlier diagnosis

Take on the iconic Royal Parks Half Marathon

This amazing course showcases some of the capital's most historic landmarks through four Royal Parks.


Take our survey so we can improve care and support

This survey is to gain a more complete picture of the experiences of people living with different rheumatic conditions in order to identify areas of improvement with care and support.


Charity research makes a difference

On average it takes 17 years for an idea for a medical product to become publicly available. Charities have an important role in supporting medical research that leads to breakthroughs, and licensed treatments.

How charity research makes a difference