SRUK / WSF Joint Grant Call in 'Outcome Measures in Systemic Sclerosis'

Grant Call Summary

SRUK and the World Scleroderma Foundation (WSF) launched a joint call for grants to improve our knowledge of ‘Outcome Measures in Systemic Sclerosis’, as they are key in the management of scleroderma and the tailoring of treatments to subsets of scleroderma patients. This very competitive grant call invited collaborative proposals from two or more international scleroderma centres.

There were 10 applications in total, of which 2 were funded. Over £800,000 was requested between the 10 applicants, with £100,000 awarded jointly from SRUK and WSF, which was split between the two successful applications.

World Scleroderma Foundation is dedicated to initiating and supporting research in scleroderma in all its aspects and in all regions of the world.

Project Title: Validation of clinically and patient meaningful score values of ACR CRISS for diffuse cutaneous SSc.

  • Lead Investigator: Dr Francesco Del Galdo
  • Co-Investigators: Dr Dan Furst (University of California), Dr Dinesh Khanna (University of Michigan)
  • Lead Institution: Chapel Allerton Hospital
  • Amount Funded: £50,000
  • Research Strategy Area: Precision Medicine

Project summary:
The ACR-CRISS (American College of Rheumatology – Combined Response Index in SSc) score was developed to be used in diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis. It is a considers the changes in many features of the conditions that may occur in response to treatment giving a score which represents the likelihood that a treatment is working in a particular patient. Working in partnership with clinicians and patients with dcSSc the researchers will further develop the CRISS score to make it a more reliable indicator of the size of the response to treatment and a better measure of how patients with dcSSc feel, function and survive. An improved index will be of value for both clinicians and patients in the management of their condition, will be of benefit in evaluating new treatments in clinical trials and be of value  to regulators in the approval of new therapies and treatments.

Project Title: The CRISTAL Index: Developing a combined response index for scleroderma trials assessing limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis.

  • Lead Investigator: Dr Dinesh Khanna
  • Co-Investigators: Dr Alain Lescoat (University Hospital of Rennes)
  • Lead Institution: University of Michigan
  • Amount Funded: £50,000
  • Research Strategy Area: Precision Medicine

Project summary:
At present, no composite score exists which is suitable to measure treatment responses in those with limited cutaneous scleroderma (lcSSc). This presents a problem for those wishing to develop new treatments for this form of scleroderma. In this project the investigators will develop the ‘CRISTAL’ (Combined Response Index for Scleroderma Trials Assessing Limited SSc) Index a set of criteria by which changes in an individual’s lcSSc can be measured. The new index will be developed via a combination of patient and professional consultation, alongside a thorough review of the existing outcome measures used for scleroderma. It is anticipated that CRISTAL will be of great benefit in clinical trials for lcSSc and will foster much needed clinical trial activity in this area.