The Raynaud's Energy Campaign

This winter, 1,162 people living with Raynaud's answered our survey about the impact of rising energy costs and you told us: 

  • 51% of respondents are finding it even harder to pay their energy bills compared to last year.
  • 68% of you would like to see the £400 Cost-of-Living payment return this year.
  • 13% are having to cut back on buying food due to mounting heating costs.

We have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to demand help; and we will continue with our campaign. Now we need you to add your voice, by writing to your MP to demand more support for people living with Raynaud's who are struggling with rising energy costs.

How you can help

We need your support to help us raise awareness. There are lots of ways to get involved, and by hosting a Catch up, displaying our posters or simply sharing our videos and our content, you really can make a difference.

Change is brewing, and you can help! 

Hold a Catch up with a Cuppa event to raise funds and vital awareness. 

Invite family, friends, neighbours and colleagues for some tea, coffee and cake, whatever takes your fancy! It's a great opportunity to chat about Raynaud's and ask for a small donation. We can help make it a success, so please get in touch to find out more.

Share our content

Too many people just live with Raynaud's without knowing what it is and how they can manage the symptoms better.  For roughly 300,000 of them this is an early a sign of an underlying autoimmune condition.  So we don't want people to ignore it any more. Please help us keep on raising vital awareness. We have put together these videos to help.

Could you have Raynaud's?

Up to 10 million people in the UK have a form of Raynaud's and yet our research shows that nearly half of UK adults don’t know any of the signs of Raynaud’s disease. 

That's why it's so important that we continue to raise awareness.

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Les's story

Les lived with Raynaud's for five decades, before he was diagnosed after taking the online test. 

Please share this link with your family and friends, and help us to encourage them to take the test as well. They could be affected and not even know it, but there are ways to make life easier.

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Jody's story

Your stories help us to reach more people, and help them understand Raynaud's and how to manage the symptoms, and to know if they could be risk of a potentially serious underlying condition. This is Jody's story of a typical day living with  Raynaud's. 

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Help us raise awareness 

You can help us spread the word by downloading and sharing our materials. We have a wide range of publications that are all available free of charge by clicking here. Alternatively please contact us if you would like some printed copies and we will be very happy to help.