Help for People Claiming for NSESA or PIP

We all know the benefits system can be very confusing and stressful. If you're currently thinking about applying for New Style Employment and Support Allowance (NSESA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or if you're actually in the process of applying or waiting for an assessment, visit The Advocacy People website. You can also go straight to their websites for the individual benefits at and these pages can help.

Online support with NSESA

Online support with PIP

There you will find:

Essential guides to NSESA and PIP, with basic information about the process and your rights, and tips about how to answer questions on the application forms and at the assessment. Plus, there are more detailed guides if you want to know more.

Two signed videos covering the same ground if you prefer to get your information that way.

Most importantly, the site has two 'self-assessment' tools, which allow you to try out some of the questions that you may be asked at a face-to-face assessment. They've been designed with people who have been through the test, so we know they are simple and easy to use.

Your answers to those questions will give you an idea of what the result of your assessment might be. You'll also be able to save or print a list of your most important answers, the ones that will score you points, so that you don't forget to talk about those issues at the assessment.

The site is not a substitute for getting help with your application forms from a Citizens' Advice Bureau or Advice Centre, and it's always best to get a family member, support worker or advocate to accompany you to a face-to-face assessment.

But you might find it a good place to start, and it can help you prepare better for your assessment and communicate better with the assessor once you're there. We think it gives you a better chance of getting the right result, and that it might just take a little bit of your worry and uncertainty away.