Celebrate World Scleroderma Day with us on June 29th

The history

In February 2010 the 1ST SYSTEMIC SCLEROSIS WORLD CONGRESS was held in Florence, Italy, with participants from all over the world attending. At the world congress it was agreed that June 29th would be celebrated as World Scleroderma Day all over the world. In just 2 short years, World Scleroderma Day was celebrated in countries all over the globe, from Europe to Australia, Canada, Brazil and India.

Why the 29th June?

The gifted Swiss artist Paul Klee made painting his life's work. His paintings were strongly influenced by his condition, systemic scleroderma. To celebrate his determination and resilience and that of the scleroderma community's, the 29th June was chosen. Paul Klee died June 29, 1940.

None Play Video

For our 2019 campaign, we've joined forces with other scleroderma organisation across Europe through FESCA to share a message of hope to increase awareness of scleroderma. The video tells the story of living with scleroderma and shows that the condition will never take the community's smile. #sclerosmile