29 June 2024 is World Scleroderma Day

Each year on 29 June, the world’s scleroderma community comes together to recognise World Scleroderma Day. 

SRUK is proud to be part of FESCA  (Federation of European Scleroderma Associations); an umbrella group of scleroderma patient support-and-advocacy organisations working to increase awareness, and advocate for equitable treatments for people with scleroderma throughout Europe.

29 June is a day to increase vital awareness of what scleroderma means, including among healthcare professionals. It enables us to come together to recognise the bravery of those who live with scleroderma, and to demand equal treatment and equal care for people with scleroderma across Europe.

This year FESCA is continuing their “Find the Light to Bloom” campaign, to shine a light on the unmet needs of people living with scleroderma, and urge policy-makers to prioritise improved diagnosis, treatments and quality of life. “Find the Light to Bloom” intends to empower the scleroderma patient population and showcase that they can thrive, even though they live with such a disabling disease. The campaign also highlights some of the unmet needs of our community; recognising that it can take time to be diagnosed or get access to an appropriate treatment plan. But once people receive the right treatment, they can feel more at ease, and find the light to bloom.

FESCA would really like everyone to get involved in this campaign and learn more about scleroderma: healthcare professionals, patients, families, policy-makers, but also each and every one of those who come across the campaign. 

The story of Paul Klee

In February 2010 the 1ST SYSTEMIC SCLEROSIS WORLD CONGRESS was held in Florence, Italy, with participants from all over the world attending. At the Congress it was agreed that 29 June would be recognised globally as World Scleroderma Day. 

In just two short years, World Scleroderma Day was celebrated in countries across the world, from Europe to Australia, Canada, Brazil and India.  

The gifted Swiss artist Paul Klee made painting his life's work. He was also living with systemic sclerosis, and his paintings were strongly influenced by his experiences of this condition. He died on 29 June 1940, and so every year on this day we all join together to celebrate his determination and resilience, alongside that of the scleroderma community across the world.

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Watch and Share 

We have partnered with FESCA to produce this animation to raise awareness of scleroderma and the symptoms to look out for. You can help us share the message and raise awareness to help others.

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