These are difficult times, and nothing feels the same – even Christmas looks different.  But when you live with a condition like scleroderma and Raynaud’s, there is no such thing as normal.  

In our community, Christmas is always hard – with or without a pandemic.  From dealing with painful flare-ups to battling fatigue – we know it can be tough and at SRUK we are committed to helping our community through that.  

We are here to help everyone affected by scleroderma and Raynaud’s throughout the year, including Christmas. 

Your donation means we can continue with our vital services and help people like Mithi Ahmed.

Mithi Ahmed has scleroderma and Raynaud’s. Winter is always a challenge but at Christmas there are extra hurdles to overcome – both physically and mentally

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year but living with scleroderma makes it hard for me to ‘keep up’ with family and friends as fatigue is a big problem for me. 

It’s so easy to take things for granted – simple things like wrapping Christmas presents or decorating the tree can be a struggle.  These are small things, but I am only 29 and just want to enjoy myself like others can.  

Thanks to SRUK I have felt less alone during my scleroderma journey and been reminded I’m not the only person living with this illness - their information has helped me to manage small daily tasks and kept me updated with research developments."

At SRUK we support people through our website, information leaflets, our helpline and community networks.  We provide important information on managing the impact of scleroderma and Raynaud's and offer a supportive community so no-one should feel alone with their conditions. 

A donation from you today will also help us fund vital research into earlier detection rates and better treatments so that more people benefit from life-saving medication and improved management of their condition.  On average it takes 5 years for someone to receive a diagnosis of scleroderma - this is critical time lost when someone could be receiving essential treatment.  

We want people living with scleroderma to be diagnosed early enough to receive vital treatments and have a fighting chance to be with their families at Christmas.  

Your donation can help families like Jonathan and Mical Marcos who know the importance of early detection.  

This Christmas, Jonathan and Mical Marcos will be remembering their mother Almaz who passed away from scleroderma last year. 

Christmas without our beloved mum won’t be the same as she was the heart and soul of our family.  We miss her every day, but this Christmas will be so hard as it will be a year since losing her to an aggressive form of scleroderma. 

Our mother was suddenly diagnosed with scleroderma last May, without any warning or prior symptoms.  She deteriorated fast, with every organ in her body affected and on 22ndDecember 2019 she lost her battle, aged 51 – only nine months after being diagnosed.  

Our mum was the most loving and caring person, with the biggest heart – she treated everyone like family.  In her memory we want to raise awareness and fund research into better treatments.  Hopefully one day there will be a cure.”

Your donation makes it possible for us to support people like Mithi and families like Jonathan and Mical. By giving a gift to SRUK this Christmas, together we can continue providing vital information, investing in cutting edge research and developing better diagnostics and treatments – one day we hope to find a cure.