In our world of uncertainties, when you live with a condition like Scleroderma and Raynaud’s, your only certainty is that winter and Christmas will bring extra challenges.  

In our community, whether you're dealing with painful flare-ups and battling fatigue, or coping with a recent diagnosis, we know it can be tough, and at SRUK we are committed to helping you through these difficult times.  

We are here to help everyone affected by Scleroderma and Raynaud’s throughout the year, including winter and Christmas. 

Your donation means we can continue with our vital services and help people like Paige who was diagnosed with localised scleroderma aged three.  

Now aged six, scleroderma has affected Paige's forehead, nose and one of her eyes.  She has been on strong medication to manage her condition which has helped, but earlier this year, doctors asked her parents to make a difficult decision.

“It’s catch 22 – we either keep Paige on medication with the risks involved, or stop it, and risk the scleroderma spreading, which could impact her quality of life.  Paige has been through some traumatic times and as a parent that’s hard. 

There just aren’t enough treatments available, so I’ve been fundraising for SRUK to help them fund better treatments, particularly for children.

This Christmas Paige will be as excited as any other child opening her presents - my Christmas wish is that her scleroderma will never hold her back". 

Johnny Howley, Paige's dad.

At SRUK we support people through our website, information leaflets, our helpline and community networks.  We understand the unique challenges of managing Scleroderma and Raynaud's and believe no-one should ever face them alone - at Christmas, or any time of the year.

A donation from you today will also help us fund vital research into earlier detection rates and better treatments so that more people can benefit from improved management of their condition.  

On average it takes 5 years for someone to receive a diagnosis of scleroderma - this is critical time lost when someone could be receiving essential treatment.  We want people to be diagnosed early enough so they have a fighting chance to be with their families at Christmas.  

Your donation can help families like the Barclay family who know the importance of early detection.  

Duncan Barclay’s wife, Alison, passed away from scleroderma this year, aged 50.  At Christmas, Duncan and his four boys have one wish – better awareness of the condition, earlier detection, and better treatments so no-one suffers again like Alison. 

“Alison was suddenly diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis in February, despite having suffered from Raynaud’s for over 20 years.  For most people, the warning signs go unnoticed – usually for years.  This was Alison’s experience - by the time she was diagnosed, it was too late. 

People need to be aware of this awful disease and understand the devastating impact scleroderma can have on individuals and their families.  Awareness and early detection are our only hope to give someone a fighting a chance against the disease – the chance my wife didn’t get”.  

Your donation makes it possible for us to support people like Paige and more families like the Barclays. By giving a gift to SRUK this Christmas, together we can continue providing vital information, investing in cutting edge research and developing better diagnostics and treatments – one day we hope to find a cure.

Living with the uncertainty of Scleroderma and Raynaud’s is tough, but our wish is to be a constant source of support, this Christmas and beyond.  With your help we can make this happen.