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Clinical surveys

If you would like to take part in a clinical survey, current ones are listed below:

Pregnancy in women with systemic sclerosis

Are you a patient with systemic sclerosis who plans a pregnancy for the years 2013-16? Or are you a patient already pregnant? You might be interested in participating in our international observational prospective study initiated by EUSTAR on pregnancy in women with systemic sclerosis: IMPRESS 2 Study: International Multi-centric prospective study on pregnancy in Systemic Sclerosis.

Information and education for children whose parents or grandparents have chronic rheumatic conditions

People with long-term rheumatic conditions, like Raynaud's and scleroderma, are often given leaflets to read about their condition. These leaflets try to answer some of the questions they, and their family, might ask.

At the moment there is no information available specifically for the children or grandchildren of people who have long-term rheumatic conditions. We are carrying out a research project to find out if people think it would be a good idea to provide this information for children, written in a way that they would understand. We would also like to know the best way to provide this information, and when. The project is funded by Arthritis Research UK and The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund.

Take the survey

The survey takes five to ten minutes to complete and you can reply anonymously. Some of the questions ask you to write an answer in your own words. When we write a report on this research project we may quote some of these statements. As we do not ask you for your name we will do everything we can to protect your confidentiality. If you do mention someone or a place by name, we will change this or delete it so that it will be very difficult for anyone to identify you.

For further information, contact the research team:

Ms Elizabeth Hale
Department of Rheumatology,
Clinical Research Unit,
North Wing,
The Dudley group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,
Russells Hall Hospital,
Dudley DY1 2HQ

Tel: 01384 456111 extension 3722 (an answer machine is available)


Mr Ben Watkins: 01384 456111 extension 1890.

Observational trials

Taking part in an observational trial conducted by SRUK and one of our product partners is a great way to get involved in our work and help promote medical understanding of scleroderma and Raynaud's.

The trials are usually run by research groups on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, in conjunction with SRUK. They often consist of an interview and then a follow up study of some sort, for example a diary or a request to trial an activity.

These studies help companies decide if a certain treatment or piece of equipment will work, or if further trial activity is needed. They also help companies spot gaps where further support may be required.

There is often criteria attached to this type of study, but should you qualify you are usually compensated for your time and effort.

Interstitial lung disease or fibrosis/scarring of the lungs

One of our partners Cello Health Insight is currently conducting an international market research project on systemic sclerosis or scleroderma with interstitial lung disease or fibrosis/scarring of the lungs, on behalf of a pharmaceutical company.

They are looking to gain an in-depth understanding of what it's like for people, both patients and carers, living with this condition. The purpose of the research is to better understand the journey people go through with their condition, their experiences with treatments and anything that could help them along the way. Insights from you and other interviews will be gathered to foster a better understanding of scleroderma, which may benefit future patients.

Cello are looking for six participants for this particular trial and places will be given on a first come first placed basis, providing the eligibility criteria is met.

How to apply

For more details about how to get involved, click the button below to download the recruitment letter.

If you would like to be kept informed about future observational trials, become a member of SRUK. We will get in touch throughout the year as other trial opportunities become available.