Share your stories on social media

Like Chelsea you can share your story, simply write it, snap it or film it to support #RaiseYourHands

We want you to write, snap or film your experiences with Raynaud's. It may be about how the condition affects you or a short film showing you trying to complete a task i.e. undoing a button with your fingers.

We want to make everyone aware of how Raynaud's can impact every day life by writing it, snapping it, filming it and sharing on social media with the hashtag #RaiseYourHands

Here's a simple guide to support #raiseyourhands:

  1. Write it, Snap it or Film it using your mobile phone.
  2. It could be photos, video or text about your Raynaud's experiences. Your experiences could include how you've managed at home, your treatment, diagnosis, managing at work or at school.
  3. Share your story on Twitter with #RaiseYourHands and tag @WeAreSRUK
  4. Share your story on Facebook. Use 'I am raising my hands because… Support Raynaud's Awareness Month and #RaiseYourHands' to increase awareness. Don't forget to tag us @WeAreSRUK
  5. Share other people's #RaiseYourHands posts to help spread the word about Raynaud's
  6. Email your story to us: with the title 'My Story'.