A unique type of gift.

Research shows that around 54% of adults in the UK do not have a Will, and for so many people it's because we don't like to think or talk about it.  However, making a valid Will lets you take care of your assets, your loved ones, and any charitable causes you care about in the way you want.  Investing in and shaping the future for years to come.  

When you pledge a legacy gift to SRUK, you and your family can take comfort in knowing that we value your gift at any level and will ensure your priorities will be looked after by people who understand and share your values. 

Of course it is important that your family and loved ones will be taken care of in any eventuality before your donation is committed, and there are several ways to frame a legacy gift to ensure this.  

My legacy gift 

Our community members have been very generous with their legacy gifts over the years and their legacy has been to ensure that we can continue to invest in research, support and information for years to come.

Brenda's legacy 

For Brian, it was really important to him to honour his wife Brenda's legacy when she died.  Her gift of £5,000 was special to them both:

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Brenda was a great supporter of the charity and found your services and support extremely beneficial over the years and this was her way of saying thank you.

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Brian, Brenda's husband

Keri de Souza's legacy pledge 

Keri de Souza kindly pledged a legacy gift to SRUK – she was inspired by her mother, Lucinda de Souza who also left us a legacy gift.

“One of the abiding images I have of my mother is her cooking wearing fingerless gloves. She tried to carry on doing the things she loved (she was an excellent cook), but I know that she suffered so much from the effect of Raynaud’s on her hands and fingers. She left a legacy to SRUK, and I decided to do the same in her memory”.

Keri and Lucinda’s legacy gifts will help fund vital research to offer hope for the future as well as providing support to other people currently living with scleroderma and Raynaud’s.

Did you know?

A gift to charity in your Will won't be counted towards inheritance tax, reducing what your beneficiaries have to pay or even removing inheritance tax liability completely.  Anyone leaving 10% of their estate to charity may qualify for a reduced rate of inheritance tax - 36% rather than 40%.  Please see the Government website for more information.  

The difference legacy gifts make 

Legacy giving over the years has been a vital source of income to SRUK, which has enabled us to fund ground-breaking research as well as continue to give support and help to people with Raynaud's and scleroderma to manage their conditions and improve their quality of life.  

How can you do it for SRUK?

If you would like more information then we are here to help.  You can find out more from leave a gift in your Will or download our legacy pack below.  If you prefer, you can contact us and we will talk you through what is invloved and send you some information.  Please call 020 3893 5993 or email jonathan.lord@sruk.co.uk.