Raynaud's hints and tips

We asked our community about their hints and tips for Raynaud's. These were their favourites:

"Ensure to keep gloves, slippers, shoes warm before putting them on, and put them on inside in the warm, rather than after going out." Matt

"Silver lined cotton gloves and nice thick woolly socks. I always wear slippers around the house but they don't make much difference for the Raynaud's, so these slippers would be great to keep my toes warm. I try to allow my hands and toes warm up naturally from the cold rather than immersing in warm water as this brings on the chilblains. Cold is any Raynaud's worst nightmare". Andy

"Warm baths are a life saver for me, but not too hot to cause chilblains too. Then put on some warm socks and slippers. My feet are my main problem but I suffer with my hands too. Long sleeves and plenty of thin layers rather than one thick layer. :) Also a decent pair of shoes/boots if possible. I'm always wearing slippers!" Emily

"4 thin layers. I wear Marks and Sparks vest not the strappy ones, in nice colour. Marks and Sparks heated long sleeve vest. On top heated polo neck vest. And a jumper or fleece on top. Legs always normal knee length socks but 2 pairs. Or hotter Goretex. Coat normal but robust. Cuffs up neck hood. I put coat hat shoes coat on radiator before going out always wear hat I wear good quality magic gloves as 2 pairs fit on top of each other. Handy with grippers and moblie phone pads . Bed memory foam mattress . Mattress cover. Just have a fleece blanket on my side . Hot water bottle normal duvet 13 tog. If very cold good tip is under sheet put a thin duvet or sleeping bag it lot warmer. On top of matteress. Sheepskin slippers from celtic Cornwall last for years". Chris

"I wear thin layer of clothing up to about 10 layers to try and keep warm but I do still feel cold inside and I am working in a shop and the heating is not always on and it is freezing temperatures and I have told them that I have got Raynaud's and they don't care and I have to wear two pairs of fingerless gloves and my hands still go blue and I am taking tables for it and I told I got raynaud's 10 Years ago and for 6 Years when I was told my Tablets were not working but they made my heart rate slow down and my blood pressure is low now". Emma

"Hairdryers! Best way of reheating your extremities after getting too cold. I have to do the school run 5 days a week and it doesn't matter what i put in or how many layers I put on, I suffer. So before I go out, I blast my boots with the hairdryer and then when I come in I strip my gloves and socks off, put the hairdryer on warm (not hot) and gently reheat myself. Nice and gradual, so no chilblains too but fast enough that I'm not in pain for half an hour before I naturally warm up!" Tara

"Any hints will be so helpful! My daughter is 12 and recently came home from dancing with huge swollen orange hands that were so painful; so we went to the Doctors and she's waiting for a blood test next week for confirmation but Raynaud's is the diagnosis. It makes so much sense when she was younger she used to scream in pain walking to school because she was so cold " Sue

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