Do You #KnowScleroderma?

19,000 people in the UK have scleroderma.

And 1,300 are newly diagnosed each year!

Watch our new animation to find out more.

Support our #KnowScleroderma campaign by helping us raise awareness online, as well as offline by not only sharing the animation with friends and family, but also putting up one of the posters below in your local GP or community centre.

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Help raise awareness and #KnowScleroderma by putting up our poster in your local area, or downloading and handing round our flyer.

Support #KnowScleroderma and fundraise.

We're asking that this summer when you organise a picnic with family, friends and colleagues that you do it to help take a step towards a cure for Scleroderma and Raynaud's.

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Our campaign aims to create greater awareness and understanding about the condition.

If you're a patient of a specialist centre or clinic, then let us know if they need more SRUK publications: