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Fundraise at home for SRUK

If you'd like to support us by fundraising at home but are stuck for ideas, use our A-Z of home fundraising to get you started.  You can use these ideas to fundraise at home or online, on your own or with friends and family in a socially distanced way.

You can also find out how our home fundraisers have been supporting us during lockdown by going to our home fundraising stories here.


Auction – Ask people to donate unwanted items or auction an online skill that someone could learn. Other ideas might include auctioning restaurant meals (now they have re-opened) or home-made luxury hampers. You could also try auctioning a 'service' that can be carried out in a socially distanced way – cutting a neighbour's grass, offering DIY skills for one weekend or baking a celebratory cake. Once you have your list you can host a virtual auction via video platform with donations going to SRUK.

Afternoon Tea - Who doesn't like an afternoon cuppa and a good chat? Whether you meet online by video call, outside in your garden or in your home, there's nothing better than getting together with friends and family for tea and a slice of cake. Bake your own cakes or try a themed afternoon tea party to get some extra donations – Mad Hatter's Tea Party anyone? We might be social distancing but nothing gets in the way of our Great British cuppa!


Bake Sale – You can be a home baker and home fundraiser at the same time. Share your winning baking recipe with friends or family to raise funds by inviting them to donate and attend a virtual cook-along.

Bingo – Everyone loves a game of bingo and it's great fun for all ages. Adapt the game to your audience by giving it a theme – you can host on any video calling platform and follow the usual game rules.

Beard Shave – Still sporting your lockdown look? Perhaps you're still missing a regular trip to the barber? In which case, what about a sponsored beard shave? 


Challenge Yourself – Take on a walk, 5k run or half marathon. Our virtual physical challenges are a great way to keep you motivated and healthy whilst doing your daily exercise during social distancing. You could try a favourite route near your home or laps around your garden – how you do it is up to you, and you'll even get a medal! Click here to sign up or find out more about our virtual challenge events.

Cosy Up with a Coffee – Missing your daily latte? Then Cosy Up with a Coffee with SRUK. Get your friends or family to unite for SRUK by organising a coffee morning – you can host virtually or in person (following social distancing guidelines). Click here to find out more.


Declutter and Donate - Staying at home more often is the perfect time to spring clean and declutter. That's why we're supporting Virgin Money Giving's #DeclutterAndDonate. It's simple to take part - decide which items you no longer want and donate their value to SRUK. To find out more, click here.

Dinner Party – Remember these? Dust off your culinary skills and host your first online dinner party or be creative and host your event socially distanced - who doesn't like alfresco dining? And if you're hosting online, get your guests to follow the same menu so it feels like the real thing. Try theming your dinner party or add some competition by hosting a virtual style come dine with me extravaganza.

Donate Your Commute – Many of us are working from home and this means we're all saving money on our daily commute, or our morning coffee - you could donate this spare cash to SRUK. Tell your work colleagues - they might be inspired to do the same.


Eating Challenge – Take on the infamous cream cracker challenge or set your own version of this eating challenge and hit a new Guinness World Record – can be done virtually or at home (video the challenge and post on social media).

- have a clear out and sell your unwanted items on eBay. Did you know you can set a percentage (or all) of the sale price to come to SRUK? Visit our ebay site and remember, one person's trash is another person's treasure


Festival at Home – If you're missing your favourite open-air gig or summer time festival then bring the festival home. Gather friends or family for a socially distanced outside get together in your garden or local park. Pitch up tents, play music, barbecue sausages and put up bunting - you just need the Great British weather and you're good to go for your very own Glastonbury style fundraising event at home. 

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser - Be a birthday fundraiser. If social restrictions mean you can't celebrate your day the way you'd planned, why not do something special this year? You could set-up a Facebook Fundraising Page and ask for donations to SRUK. Click here.

Fancy Dress – At home or in the office, dressing-up in fancy dress is a great incentive for people to donate to your fundraising. Try asking your boss to let everyone wear fancy dress for the day and charge a donation for the privilege. If you're all working remotely because of social distancing – ask for your weekly team meeting to be in fancy dress – with a prize going to the person with the most outrageous outfit.


Games Challenge – Play your favourite board or card games on video call. Challenge your friends and family and ask that they donate to enter the competition. What sparks your competitive streak? It could be as simple as playing a game of charades.

Give Something Up – Lockdown has meant we've all picked up some bad habits (some more than others) so this might be the perfect time for change. Is your bad habit costing you money? Perhaps you're a committed chocoholic or have a weakness for other naughty treats? If so, try giving them up and donate your savings to SRUK. 


Head Shave – Are you feeling brave? There's always the ever-popular sponsored head shave – for the ultimate transformation and perhaps the most drastic way to lose your lockdown locks!

Have a Girl's Night-In – Missed getting together with your girl friends? This will be one of the best night's in you've ever had. Host a video call and invite your girls, grab a bottle of wine (or two!) and make sure you have some naughty snacks and you'll be ready for a good old chin wag! Ask everyone to donate the cost of their usual night out to SRUK. 


In Memory - A wonderful way to remember a loved one is to donate to a charity close to their heart. If you donate in memory to SRUK, your gift could help support individuals diagnosed with scleroderma and Raynaud's, or fund medical research to find treatments that provide a better quality of life. 


You're Joking? - Are you the family joker? Always got a gag to tell? Then host a virtual comedy night and ask for donations for your performance – ask for a donation per gag.


Karaoke - Love it or hate it, this is a great way to fundraise for SRUK. Host your own virtual karaoke night and include all the classics – what you choose is up to you!


Lockdown Lessons - Do you have a special skill or hobby? Perhaps you're a star baker or nifty with a needle and thread? If so, offer fun and lively online video sessions to family and friends in exchange for a small donation. You'll be raising funds for a great cause and providing people with a new skill at the same time.


SRUK Murder Mystery Night – Fancy yourself as a Miss Marple or Inspector Morse? You could host a virtual SRUK Murder Mystery Night using our step-by-step guide. It's a great way to get together with friends and family online and we're sure you'll have a killer night in! Click here to find out more. 

Movie Night In – Whether you're into slushy romantics or classic chick-flicks, who doesn't like losing their self in a good movie? Use an online streaming service like Netflix Party to synchronise video playback with your friends and ask for donations for hosting the night. You could even ask friends to donate the money they saved on not buying a cinema ticket. 


Number Challenge – Pick any number and do a home physical challenge with that number. Your fitness level doesn't matter – choose a number and challenge that works for you (e.g. 20 push-ups every day for 20 days) and ask for a donation each time you complete a rep!). Pick a number that means something – it could be your birthday or your fundraising target number – you can be as creative as you like. 


Office Collection – Our office arrangements might be a little different right now but you can still raise funds by doing a virtual office collection. Set up an online fundraising page and tell colleagues you are fundraising for SRUK – you could ask that they donate the cost of a day's commute.

Organise Your Own Event – Do you have a great on-line fundraising event idea? Host your own event and be as outrageous and as whacky as you like - we'll be here to support you every step of the way.


Party Up for a Picnic – Host our Partner Up for a Picnic event at home! Make the most of the summer sun and partner up with friends or family for a socially distanced picnic – at home or in the park! Click here to find out more and sign up.


SRUK Best EVER Virtual Quiz – You can be a quiz master when you host the SRUK Best EVER Virtual Quiz! Our step-by-step guide contains everything you need for a successful virtual quiz and you'll even receive a free quiz questions pack! Click here to sign up.


Raffle – Great fun and easily hosted online. Get people to donate exciting prizes and then sell tickets as you would normally – be sure to let players know their ticket number in advance of the draw (by WhatsApp or email) and then draw the winning tickets online for all to see! For more information on organising an online raffle, and to ensure you're compliant with the Gambling Commission's Regulations, get in touch with our friendly fundraising team.


Sweepstakes – A quick and easy way to fundraise for SRUK, you can turn almost anything into a sweepstake. From guessing who will win your favourite reality tv programme to guessing the weight of a cake baked by a co-worker, the possibilities are endless – and you don't have to worry about social distancing! Yaaay! To play, ask people for a small donation and award the player who guesses correctly with a prize.

Sponsored Silence – Are you something of a chatterbox? If so, this challenge is for you. Ask people to sponsor you not to speak for a day, a week or even on your virtual catch-up with friends.


Tea Break – Encourage your work colleagues to hold a virtual tea break and ask them to donate the cost of a cuppa to SRUK.

Twitter - don't forget the power of Twitter! You just don't know who's going to see your tweets, and who's eye SRUK might catch! It's a great way to boost your fundraising total and share your fundraising page with your network!


Uniform Day – They say school days are the best days of your life - so go old school with this fundraising idea. Get colleagues or friends to recreate their youth and ask them for donations to SRUK. Ask everyone to unveil their look in a virtual meet-up or have a socially distanced get-together outside.


SRUK Virtual Relay Walk – To mark Scleroderma Awareness month we launched the SRUK Virtual Relay Walk. Get involved today by picking up the baton, doing your walk and nominating someone else to keep the baton going. This is your walk, your way – you decide the distance and where you walk. To find out more, click here.


Wax Something! - Okay, there's no deny it, this one might hurt a bit! An ever-popular fundraising event – friends and family get to watch you scream in return for their donations. Schedule a video call or live stream the event so your supporters don't miss a thing!

Workout – During these times of social distancing home workouts have become a popular alternative to the gym. Set a workout target and ask for sponsorship to complete your challenge. We suggest following YouTube videos for workout sessions and to help with motivation - you'll be the next Joe Wicks before you know it!


X Marks the Spot – Host a virtual treasure hunt at home. Think of clever riddles and ask your players to guess the answers by finding matching objects at home. Use WhatsApp to send the riddles and add to the fun by setting a time limit for each round. Players donate to play along – and you can boost your fundraising by allowing players to 'buy' clues with extra donations!


Yoga-thon - You might be a yoga pro or complete beginner – whatever your skill level you can create a challenge just right for you. And if you don't know the difference between your Cobra or Child's Pose, try following online classes or watch free YouTube videos to get you started. You could challenge yourself to do 10-15 mins of yoga at home every day for a month – or master a new pose every week?


Zumba – Add something extra to your home workouts with home Zumba! Go Zumba crazy with a fun virtual online class and set a challenge for people to sponsor you. Working out at home will never feel so good and you'll be raising important funds for SRUK. 

Get in Touch

Still not sure how to fundraise at home but would like to support us? Don't worry, our friendly fundraising team is here to help. We can suggest many extra ideas for home fundraising and whatever you decide to do, we'll be here to support you every step of the way.

Get in touch with our fundraising team by emailing or calling 020 3893 5998.