Do Your Own Fundraising

Whether you're fundraising at home, at school, in the workplace or with a community group, our Fundraising A-Z guide (which can be downloaded below) can help you decide what to organise. It's packed with ideas to inspire you, from ale-tasting to a zumbathon. Here are a few more tips to help you plan your fundraising:

Promoting your event

There's a lot to consider when you're planning an event: the financial, legal and health and safety aspects all need some thought – but don't worry, we have lots of information to help you on our planning a fundraising event page.

Remember to spread the word

A great way to boost your fundraising is to get some publicity on a local radio station or through your local paper.

We have put together a press release template to help you do this.

If you use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, promote your fundraising there and ask friends and family to share it onwards.

We can also help promote your fundraising and online fundraising page through our social media sites:

  • Type @WeAreSRUK in your Facebook posts (you'll need to 'like' us first).
  • Type @WeAreSRUK on Twitter

Use photographs and videos to tell your fundraising story, show people how much effort you are putting into your fundraising and remind them to sponsor you. We've created a quick guide for you for creating your own videos.

Do add links to our website to show how your sponsorship could help individuals diagnosed with Scleroderma and Raynaud's.

Tag other people who might be interested, especially on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, to spread your message even further.

If you are using an existing personal account, you may want to emphasise that all views are your own.

Raise money online

Setting up an online fundraising page is quick, easy and effective.

You can instantly reach a wide audience who can donate in a simple and secure way; people can sponsor you anywhere, anytime.

JustGiving and other online giving websites collect donations and Gift Aid for a small percentage of the funds raised.

Once your event has finished we receive the money directly from the website, and get in touch to say thank you for your efforts, it's that easy!

Sending in your money

If you have set up an online fundraising page, we will receive the money you raise automatically.

If you have raised money offline, you can pay in your money by phone using your debit/credit card.

Alternatively send us a cheque made payable to “Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK" with your Money Return Form to the following address:

SRUK, Bride House, 18 – 20 Bride Lane, EC4Y 8EE

If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your donation can increase by at least 25% under the Gift Aid scheme – at no additional cost to you.

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