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Isla's Story

Isla wishes she could build a snowman without worrying about her Raynaud's

“I love Christmas and really enjoy getting out and about with my friends and family, unfortunately the cold weather makes my symptoms more painful, especially my hands and feet. So I have to be extra careful not to get too cold, I know my friends are wishing it will snow at Christmas but I know that it will mean my symptoms flare up. I will still go out – I'll wear plenty of warm clothes and try to not stay out too long, I won't be throwing any snowballs either!"

Living with my condition isn't easy but I want to be happy and with support I am sure I can be!

SRUK are helping Isla and her family to get the support that they need, but there is still a lot more to do – Isla hopes that one day we will find a cure and that is something that would really make her smile!

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Isla's mum, Julie, told us about the challenges they faced in getting her daughter diagnosed.

Julie's Story

Read more about the impact that Isla's diagnosis of scleroderma had on her.

Isla's Story