Cambridge Conference talks

Here you can find a description of the talks at our 2019 Cambridge Conference

Thomas Krieg: Advances in understanding scleroderma

Professor Krieg is a world-leading clinician scientist from the University of Cologne, with research interests in studying various forms of inflammatory connective tissue diseases with a specific interest in scleroderma. The presentation will cover the information gained from fundamental and basic science that has increased our understanding of the cell and molecular mechanisms underlying scarring and fibrosis in scleroderma and how these have been explored to develop novel and targeted therapeutic approaches.

Luc Mouthon: How to manage scleroderma

Professor Mouthon leads the scleroderma group at the Institute Cochin, University of Descartes in Paris. He will give an overview lecture on how to manage and treat the major symptoms and disease complications in scleroderma. He will draw on his experience as head of the scleroderma centre in Paris and his involvement with the French multi-centre cohort of scleroderma patients. He will discuss survival and prognosis related to skin and organ involvement, autoantibody status, and the incidence of the major disease manifestations.

Voon Ong: Latest news in clinical trials

Dr Ong is a consultant and research lead at the Royal Free Hospital campus of University College London. Voon will provide a summary of the types of clinical trials that have been studies in scleroderma and some of the new studies are have just been completed or are in progress. The talk will highlight the different aspect of scleroderma that are being targeted in the clinical trials for instance the immune system, the vasculature and the tissue scarring and fibrosis, and the end-points and outcomes that are used to assess efficacy.

Tracy Frech: Research into gut involvement in scleroderma

Professor Frech is director of the scleroderma clinic at the University of Utah, School of Medicine. Her presentation will cover gastrointestinal tract (GIT) disease, a common organ system involved in scleroderma. The lecture will discuss how the presentation of gut involvement evolves over the course of scleroderma and the key changes in GIT function. The lecture will also cover approaches to diagnosis and the current treatments that are available for disease symptoms and manifestations of gut involvement including reflux, constipation and bacterial overgrowth.

Robyn Domsic: Understanding vascular involvement in scleroderma

Professor Domsic is a senior faculty member in the department of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, USA. The talk will introduce the pathology of blood vessel disease in scleroderma and the early manifestations of vascular involvement such as Raynaud's phenomenon. The presentation will also discuss how blood vessel disease in monitored by doctors. The presentation will highlight what patient's can do to help with their blood vessel involvement and the current therapies available to manage different types of blood vessel disease.