Sian describes her scleroderma pain through poetry

Date: Tue 30th May 2017

Hi everyone,

For this month's blog excerpt I wanted to include a poem that I've written about all the years I've had pain, physical & mental that I've unfortunately experienced since having Systemic Sclerosis, Raynaud's and PTSD.

This particular piece I've written many about all types of pain, is probably a bit dark but hope you can relate or resonate with some of it.

This Pain

It held me in it's toxic vice

Slowly crushing dazzling life,

From every cell it prodded and poked,

Burnt and choked, the very soul of me

Where once I was alive and free

So cruel it crept through sinew and skin,

Never silent but screaming within

It rampaged through body and mind, leaving

A wretched taste behind, trailing a wake

Of hopeless grief with desperate patches of grey relief

Sian M Morgan