Raise Your Hands Media Pack

Information for the media, and other supporting organisations.

This winter the UK is set to be severely cold, making life hard for the millions of people with the health conditions of Raynaud's and Scleroderma. Many of us take it for granted that the symptoms of chilly hands or cold feet will disappear once spring arrives, but that's not the case for many people with Raynaud's as attacks can take place year round.

A trip down the frozen aisle of the supermarket or simply sitting in an air conditioned office anytime of the year, can trigger a painful attack for up to one in six people in the UK, living with a little known condition called Raynaud's.

Raynaud's is a condition that affects the blood supply in the body's extremities – usually the fingers and toes - and many people living with the condition will regularly experience colour changes to the affected area, pain and discomfort. If you often have cold hands or feet, could you be living with this condition? Support the campaign and #raiseyourhands by taking the Raynaud's test

Up to 10 million people in the UK are affected by Raynaud's yet many living with the condition are not aware they have Raynaud's or that support and treatment is available and are left to deal with the impact alone.

Research from Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK), the only UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by Scleroderma and Raynaud's, reveals that only 4% are able to identify the symptoms of Raynaud's. SRUK is tackling this lack of understanding by getting everyone affected to unite and #RaiseYourHands in February for Raynaud's Awareness Month.

Get involved and help raise awareness of Raynaud's

Below you'll find some resources you can use to help promote the campaign on your social media, and promote in your E-Newsletters and websites. Here's what you can do;

  • Ask your Twitter followers to write it, snap it, film it and share their stories of Raynaud's using #raiseyourhands. There is a logo you can use below and here is some more information on what how we're involving our community with this.
  • Message @WeAreSRUK with the tweet “We are supporting #RaiseYourHands because…… Follow @WeAreSRUK this February." and join in the conversation using #raiseyourhands
  • Use the raise your hands logo to talk about raising awareness of Raynaud's on your social media, promote in your E-Newsletters and on your websites: And link to more information on Raynaud's
  • There is an A5 flyer promoting the campaign which you can print out and post up on a wall for example in a doctor's surgery or on office pin boards to inform people about the symptoms of Raynaud's.
  • Download the thermographic hands image to illustrate Raynaud's phenomenon in your communications.
  • Use the introduction text to add to your website.
  • You can also read up on what else we're doing for the campaign for our supporters.
  • Also keep an eye on our Facebook page and @WeAreSRUK Twitter for up-to-date news on our campaign.
  • We will be sharing personal videos of our community members talking about life with Raynaud's. In our first video we meet Chelsea, a 28 year old mum who was diagnosed with Raynaud's at 15 years old.