Should disabled toilets be called accessible toilets?

Date: Thu 6th April 2017

Today signs are appearing across the UK on disabled toilet doors. The signs say 'Not every disability is visible - Accessible Toilet'.

It's all part of a move to try and recognise people with invisible illnesses - disabilities and long-term health conditions that aren't physically obvious.

Here at SRUK we welcome this move as we know that many of our community experience situations on a daily basis where they feel pressurised by society due to their condition not being physically obvious. From having to take stairs at a slower pace and feeling pushed along by other people or spending a little more time at the checkout and feeling judged by the next customer in line.

We welcome these new accessible toilet signs but only a few public places are currently displaying the signs from Tottenham Hotspur to some supermarkets.

We would like to gather your views on the new signs and what else the 'not every disability is visible' campaign should tackle.

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Should all Disabled Toilet signage be changed to Accessible Toilet?

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