Wednesday 26th August 2020

Back To Life - The Psychological Journey Towards a 'New Normal'

Dr. Jo Daniels looks at coping strategies to help in adjusting to the new 'normal' as we resume our daily activities. Based on cognitive behavourial therapy techniques, these simple steps can help us all to feel a little bit more in control as life moves on.

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Friday 21st August 2020

Findings of nintedanib's safety and tolerability published

A team of researchers based in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Japan sought to examine the results of the SENSCIS trial to assess the safety and tolerability of nintedanib in people with SSc-ILD.

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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Evidence for utilising role-play workshops for the education of rare diseases

A research team based at Lille University implemented a simulation-based workshop to assess if there would be a positive change in the ability of medical students to recognise Raynaud's and scleroderma.

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Friday 30th August 2019

The future of systemic sclerosis classification

A recent review published in Nature Rheumatology focused on research into the classification of scleroderma, which suggests that the current classification does not capture the heterogeneity of the condition.

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Thursday 22nd August 2019

Understanding vascular involvement in systemic sclerosis

In her talk at SRUK’s regional conference in Cambridge, Dr Robyn Domsic discussed a variety of topics that are crucial to understanding vascular involvement and expert recommendations on management.

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Tuesday 20th August 2019

Oral and dental involvement in scleroderma: What happens and how can it be managed?

Recently, a poll was run online to understand what oral and dental complications of scleroderma impact those living with the condition the most. We’ve selected some questions from the poll to answer here.

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Wednesday 14th August 2019

Meet Our Fundraisers Shining A Spotlight On The Importance Of Early Detection

As a charity, our community of fundraisers are crucial to the work that we do. We are shining a spotlight on two fundraisers who are particularly passionate about the importance of early detection.

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Tuesday 6th August 2019

Recent findings from SRUK-funded study of wax-bath treatments for scleroderma published

The musculoskeletal features of systemic sclerosis (SSc) are a major cause of disability, causing limitations to movement and function. The study aim was to compare the effects of daily hand exercises with or without daily home wax bath hand treatment in patients with SSc.

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Friday 2nd August 2019

Why Early Detection of Scleroderma Matters

For patients with scleroderma, early detection is crucial. It can make a world of difference when fighting a disease as unpredictable as this one. In order to highlight the importance of early detection, we have collated anecdotes from our community members about their experiences with early detection, or lack thereof.

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Tuesday 28th August 2018

Cause, detection and treatment: research we fund and why

Funding important research into medical conditions is a crucial way in which medical research charities improve people’s lives. When a condition is rare like scleroderma, then that research becomes even more vital.

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