Thursday 24th September 2020

Exploring Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment that comes from ancient, Chinese medicine. An acupuncturist inserts fine needles upon specific points of the body, with the aim of stimulating and balancing the flow of energy. There is some evidence that acupuncture could help to alleviate the symptoms of both Raynaud’s and scleroderma.

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Wednesday 26th August 2020

Back To Life - The Psychological Journey Towards a 'New Normal'

Dr. Jo Daniels looks at coping strategies to help in adjusting to the new 'normal' as we resume our daily activities. Based on cognitive behavourial therapy techniques, these simple steps can help us all to feel a little bit more in control as life moves on.

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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Evidence for utilising role-play workshops for the education of rare diseases

A research team based at Lille University implemented a simulation-based workshop to assess if there would be a positive change in the ability of medical students to recognise Raynaud's and scleroderma.

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Friday 17th July 2020

The crossroad between scleroderma and Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be, a challenging period of almost everyone’s lives. A team of researchers from the University of Florence and Shantou investigated the potential of Covid-19 complicating interstitial lung disease in scleroderma as well as the effects on routine clinical care and psychosocial implications.

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Friday 3rd July 2020

Digital Ulcers – Capturing The Patient Experience to Improve Outcomes

Researchers funded by the Scleroderma Clinicals Trials Consortium (SCTC) sought to understand how digital ulcers can affect a person’s life, discussing pain, aggravating factors and practical measures taken when ulcers develop.

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Thursday 28th May 2020

Growing up with juvenile scleroderma

What is it really like to grow up with scleroderma? We look at the various ways that this condition can affect our children, both physically and emotionally, as they navigate the path to adulthood.

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Thursday 28th May 2020

Chronic pain – how to break the cycle and take control

With around 28 million adults now living with chronic pain in the UK, it has become something of a silent epidemic. There are however a number of ways to help reduce its impact upon your life.

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Friday 17th April 2020

Identifying barriers to exercise

Remaining physically active is important for everyone, but sometimes this is very challenging for the SRUK community. A study set up by the Scleroderma Patient Intervention Network sought to understand what the major barriers and facilitators to exercise are.

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Friday 4th October 2019

Physiotherapy exercises for systemic sclerosis: NHS physiotherapy guide

Physiotherapy relies on a variety of techniques to help restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. Physiotherapy exercises are rapidly becoming a key management approach that can be taken to limit tightening of skin, which is characteristic to all forms of scleroderma.

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Thursday 25th April 2019

Registries and biobanks - what is the appeal?

Resources such as registries and biobanks have become increasingly valuable for the research of rare conditions, by building up a sample size from a wide range of locations, different age groups and so forth. Several charities and academic organisations are directing efforts towards the implementation of such resources.

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